Our team has deep experience working within the resource
sector and multi-generational knowledge of the land.

Jerry Asp, Tahltan Elder

Chairman and CEO

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Jerry is one of Canada’s most prominent Indigenous leaders. He is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Indigenous people through the creation of new business opportunities and development of skills and capacity. He is credited with leading his First Nation from 98% unemployment to full employment and a thriving nation once again. Jerry was President and founding member of the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (1985), the largest native-owned and operated heavy construction company in Western Canada building it to a $60 million corporation with 8 divisions and 29 joint-venture partnerships in the mining industry. Today, the Tahltan Trust Fund holds $120 million for future generations from these opportunities. He is also a founding member of the National Indian Businessman’s Association (1981) (now the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business) as well as the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association (CAMA) (1991-November 2013) where he served as Vice President.

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Sonia Molodecky, JD

Director and President

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Sonia is a Canadian-Ukrainian lawyer and entrepreneur with more than 15 years’ experience working in international business, project finance, resource law and community engagement.

Sonia worked as a finance lawyer in mining, renewable energy and infrastructure at two of Canada’s largest law firms and as founder and National Co-Chair of her firm’s Latin American Services Group. Sonia has negotiated multi-billion-dollar transactions and managed financings of large capital projects across Canada and around the world. Sonia has worked extensively with industry and governments developing mining policy and new legal frameworks for infrastructure public-private partnerships to facilitate investment into the mining sector.

Sonia has worked with governments around the world implementing legal frameworks and policies for open, transparent, and accountable governance and anti-corruption practices. Sonia has worked for the Public Defender’s Office in Argentina, for the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine, as legal advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and for the President of the Commission of Human Rights and Justice in Mexico.

As co-founder of the Global Indigenous Development Trust, Sonia supports Indigenous communities across the world assert their self-determination and re-build natural economies, with a focus on working with natural resources in an equitable and sustainable manner.

Sonia is a published author of “A New Human Story: A Co-Creator’s Guide to Living our True Potential” and a TEDx speaker. Sonia spends her time at her home in the country where she grows her own food, forages and interacts with the magic in nature to continually uncover its secrets.

Judy Galvez, CPA, CA

Secretary / Treasurer

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Judy has worked as an accounting professional at one of the top accounting firms in Canada where she was recognized for her work with multi-national clients and the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards.

Judy worked with a Fortune 500 mining company where she led the successful implementation of internal control reforms across Canada and the US. She received an executive award for leading a company-wide process improvement project in financial reporting that resulted in significant fiscal efficiencies and annual savings.

Judy joined a multi-billion-dollar global financial services company where she was part of a small team managing budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting for subsidiaries around the world, including Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and England. She developed and implemented various financial corporate policies, including valuation of financial instruments and transfer pricing. Judy conducted internal audits of subsidiaries in North and South America and was recognized for her ability to strengthen relationships across borders.

Judy is a leading expert in the emerging field of sustainability accounting and the development of a valuation approach that encompasses living ecosystems. Her life’s work is to align business decisions with the health of the environment for a thriving planet, leading in the development of new financial accounting valuation and reporting methods that consider life systems. Judy is active in national and international economic development projects as part of the Global Indigenous Development Trust team. Fluent in English and Spanish, Judy is a Certified Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant and has a B. Comm from the University of British Columbia.

Geraldine Dennis, Tahltan Member

Office Manager

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Geraldine is a member of the crow clan of the Tahltan Nation with more than 30 years’ experience in office management and human relations with both the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation and with the mining industry. Geraldine has deep seated knowledge and experience working with the mining exploration sector particularly within the Tahltan Territory and Golden Triangle, having served as office manager and worked extensively in exploration camp management with leading companies in the area. Geraldine has also worked extensively with youth, the strengthening of families and communities through community wellness and building respectful relationships. Geraldine brings a breath of expertise and lived experience and wisdom to SRR process, relationships, and partnerships, as well as exploration efficiency and office and camp management capabilities.


Our advisory comprises some of the world’s leading experts in sustainability and mining, finance, geoscience, data management, environmental science and ecology.