A new standard in mining using modern technology to support generations of traditional ecological knowledge presents a unique opportunity to realize real economic benefit while preserving and enhancing vital ecosystems as an integrated approach to working with our natural resources.

“Internet of Things”

We are working with leading “internet of things (iot)” provider ioticiti Networks Inc. to provide comprehensive, private and secure end-to-end solutions for greater exploration, environmental and social safety and efficiency. With this specialized iot technology we are able to monitor all aspects of the environment in real time. We are able to also ensure the highest safety and efficiency in all aspects of the exploration process by being able to track and monitor things like worker safety, quality of the air to transportation and monitoring of equipment to reduce costs.

ESRI GIS Story-maps

GIS story-mapping assists communities tell the story of their lands through their own eyes. The opportunity to support traditional knowledge with modern technology helps to highlight ecologically sensitive areas, vital cultural heritage sites and preserve traditional knowledge systems.

GIS story-map technology integrates data in an interactive digital story-telling format and works in synergy with the “internet of things” technology to understand impacts and flows in real time. This technology combination will enable us to develop a rigorously informed exploration program as well as how we work with the land throughout all of our activities on the land.

Transparent accounting

We are working with global leaders in the space of open and transparent accounting to ensure honest disclosure and tracking of nature’s assets.