Investor Update: New Raise for Summer 2023 Exploration Program

We live in a world of potential abundance. When we interact with Mother Earth properly, Mother Earth works with us. When we work against her, we create a desert. It is an interactive relationship.

By working with our natural resources in a way that values life, considers all aspects of the interconnected web, takes the time to cultivate healthy relationships, and supports the enhancement of living systems, we create abundance now and for future generations.

As the gardener takes time to cultivate healthy soils, nurture plants and care for its garden, he receives healthy abundance in return. So too must this be applied to all living systems. This is our way back to working with the land, in partnership, once again.

SRR is currently raising $1M to finance exploration work on our Dome Mt., Ketchum Lake and North Iskut properties.

Our valuation is based on True Value Accounting that considers both tangible (economic) and intangible (Mother Earth’s teachings and thousands of years of Indigenous wisdom) value.

Please contact us if you are interested in being part of this work.

Download Full Investor Deck Here