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We live in a world of potential abundance. When we interact with Mother Earth properly, Mother Earth works with us. When we work against her, we create a desert. It is an interactive relationship. By working with our natural resources in a way that values life, considers all aspects of the interconnected web, takes the

6 January 2023


We are happy to share the work we conducted this summer on our sites in NW British Columbia, in Tahltan Territory. We spent time introducing ourselves to the land, understanding and building relationship with the land and developing a partnership with our primary partner – Mother Earth. We are very pleased to have received blessings

19 September 2022


27 May 2022


17 January 2022


16 January 2022



Jerry Asp Feature – Canadian Mining Hall of Fame Induction

P. Jerry Asp on how the mining industry can transform communities | TNM Podcast 170

Jerry Asp on Globally Leading Indigenous Inclusion in Mining | Mining Over Canada

PDAC Convention 2011 - Jerry Asp - Skookum Jim Award

Jerry Asp Receives Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Award

Sonia Molodecky at the III International Community Relations Congress in Peru

Social Impact Heroes: How Sonia Molodecky Of The Global Indigenous Development Trust Is Helping To Empower Indigenous Communities Worldwide

Global Indigenous Development Trust: Why we should include indigenous perspectives



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