A New Standard in Natural Resources.

Working in partnership with our Mother Earth for the wellbeing of all.

“There were no written laws in our history. The rules we lived by were taught to us from childhood and were based on respect. We were expected to respect ourselves, to show respect for others, to show respect for all things in our world, and to show respect for our environment. In this way we believed that our world would be in harmony and we would live a long and healthy life.”

Tahltan Nation saying

Imagine if there were no more mine remediation projects in the billions of dollars. If instead mining companies enhanced ecosystems and the wellbeing of communities from our resource wealth. Imagine if an abundance of natural wealth was passed on for future generations. Imagine if the mining industry became stewards of our natural resources and wealth generated from those resources went to the wellbeing of all.

Mother Earth provides. When we work with her, she thrives and we thrive.

Why Choose Us?

At Spirit Rock Resources, we approach our business with the knowing, in our minds and hearts, that Mother Earth is a living, breathing consciousness, and has gifted us with minerals for all to benefit. We see ourselves as stewards of her offerings for the wellbeing of people, communities, and our natural world. We carry this responsibility seriously for the highest and best use of these offering, now and for future generations.

The web of life is a thriving system. The more complex, the more it requires us to think about our actions. When any aspect of the interconnected web suffers, the whole suffers.

Annually, 7 million hectares of forests are deforested globally to make room for development. Billions of dollars are spent on remediation yet rarely do ecosystems come back to their original state.

Indigenous people are the most impoverished group in Canada yet closest to our greatest wealth.

Advancements in technology now make it possible to create real economic value for the betterment of people and communities, while preserving and enhancing our natural world. To secure healthy futures, we must work in partnership with our Mother Earth and our local communities, as an integrated approach to sustainable development. When we contribute to nature’s wellbeing, nature gives back to us in abundance.

What We Do

We are a Mother Earth stewardship company focused on mineral exploration that values the web of life, puts people first and works to enhance vital ecosystems while creating real economic value from ore deposits. We account for the true value of natural capital for ecosystem and human wellbeing as an integrated approach. We believe that greater abundance and wellbeing is available individually and for the collective when working with the land in respect, reciprocity, and a consideration of all interconnected aspects.

We do this by working with the land and the people who have lived on and stewarded the lands for thousands of years. Throughout all our activities, we make sure to tread lightly on Mother Earth and take care of all life forms. We work at nature’s pace and rhythm, allowing nature to heal herself. We honour the offerings we receive by being the least disruptive possible and share the offerings for the wellbeing of all. We give back to Mother Earth when we take for this is fair trade. We give thanks every day that we benefit from her offerings. When we are concluded, our aim is to leave the natural ecosystems better than when we arrived.

We are a First Nations company and proceeds go towards Indigenous Economic Development.

True Value Accounting

A full definition of value includes natural, social and cultural capital. We use a method of accounting for full value that aligns with Environmental, Social and Governance regulatory standards and goes beyond. We not only consider that healthy soils, pure waters and vibrant forests hold greater value in their intact life-giving form, but also that symbiotic relationships are what allow ecosystems to flourish. We value moose calving grounds, fish spawning areas, hibernation dens and migratory paths as key components of a living system. We value healthy work environments, good community relationships, and doing things right from the start so that there is no need to remediate in the future. We value quality of life for all.

Who We Work With

We work with leading, proven technology companies in geoscience, engineering, ‘internet of things’, data management, GIS mapping, finance and accounting to apply a True Value Accounting model that is open, accountable, transparent and values all life. We follow the directives set by the First Nation to care for the land, water, fish and wildlife as they have for thousands of years, and to steward the natural resources in accordance with community values, policies and frameworks, rights and title. Any space that needs to be made for exploration will be done using the best forest management design and techniques, the timber will be sold to lumber companies, we will work with local Elders to use and care for medicinal plants and with agronomists to apply rich soils for regenerating compromised areas.

Lastly, we will invest in R&D to continue to explore and seek to uncover the properties and potentiality of the minerals we explore. Indigenous Peoples have always believed there is more to what we see. Minerals are the essence of life, which flows through all things. There is magic in the lands that is brought to life with minerals. We will seek to better understand this phenomenon of Natural Law.

Home of the Golden Triangle

Our current projects are based in Tahltan Territory in Northwestern British Columbia, home of the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is one of the world’s richest mineral regions and comprises some of the highest-grade ore potential.

It is estimated that there are $15 billion+ of reserves in the ground. It is also home to some of the region’s richest biodiversity. Over the past 37 yrs, the Tahltan Nation have positively influenced how mining is done in their territory contributing to significant social and environmental benefits. The Tahltan have helped to protect more 280,000 hectares of critical habitat for fish and wildlife while creating substantial benefits for the communities.

Our Stories

We live in a world of potential abundance. When we interact with Mother Earth properly, Mother Earth works with us. When we work against her, we create a desert. It is an interactive relationship. By working with our natural resources in a way that values life, considers all aspects of the interconnected web, takes the

6 January 2023


We are happy to share the work we conducted this summer on our sites in NW British Columbia, in Tahltan Territory. We spent time introducing ourselves to the land, understanding and building relationship with the land and developing a partnership with our primary partner – Mother Earth. We are very pleased to have received blessings

19 September 2022


27 May 2022


SRR is taking a brand-new approach to maximize the health of local ecosystems and communities in synergy with the creation of real economic value.

Current mining practices are causing problems for forest and river systems, and the ecologies they support. We work with the latest technologies that will allow us to monitor and understand in real time the measures necessary to optimize systems back to a natural state and thereby enable a harmonious interaction between mining and the natural world.






Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge our Mother Earth that gives us life, nourishes us and is our greatest partner. We act with reverence, respect, and reciprocity in all that we do.

We acknowledge the root Nations, the Elder trees, the winged ones, the swimmers, the fliers, the crawlers, our Grandfather Stones, the four-legged and the two-legged, for we are all one.

We acknowledge the First Peoples who have lived and thrived on these lands for thousands of years and who have kept this sacred relationship alive for all of humanity.

We acknowledge all our ancestors that have walked and stewarded these lands before us and those that continue to walk with us on this journey to a more harmonious world.

We acknowledge our responsibility to think of those yet to come and to leave them a world that is capable of providing an abundant life.

With love in our hearts, we say Miigwetch, Meduh, Dyakuyu, Gracias, Merci, Thank-you.

Make Your Investment Matter

We use an integrated approach to create social, environmental and economic wealth, now and for future generations. It is becoming the new standard for mining. More and more investors are looking for ethically and ecologically sound investments to build a heathier planet.