Why Support SRR

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The future is for the highest good of all and our Mother Earth.

We are part of a complex web of life. When we live in harmonious relationship, we thrive. Indigenous peoples have been keepers of Earth’s wisdom for millennia. These understandings are intrinsic, intangible, and deeply spiritual. Modern technology and science have given us the tools to be able to measure, monitor, enhance and govern the way we work with our natural world. When we bring together these different yet complementary knowledge systems and data sets, we are able to impact real and profound change in how we relate with the complex interconnected web of life that we are a part of.

In April of 2022, British Columbia announced changes to its mining reclamation security policy, in which all new mines and mines counting less than five years of mineral reserves remaining will have to post a full reclamation security equal to their liability. The policy change includes explicit increases in closure liability calculations relative to the previous policy and related standards. Billions of dollars are spent globally on reclamation of mining projects that were not designed and operated with a consideration of our natural world and community partners from the start.

A new standard in mining using the latest in technological advancements to support generations of traditional ecological knowledge presents a unique opportunity to realize real economic benefit while preserving and enhancing vital ecosystems, as an integrated approach to working with our Mother Earth.

By securing an economic interest in gold assets, we are generating a profit the natural way. Mother Earth provides us with her offerings for the highest and best use – for true quality of life. By caring for all life forms, taking only what we need and using all that we take, in the most efficient manner available, we are respecting Mother Earth’s offerings and doing it right.

This is meaningful investing. This is reclaiming our relationship with nature.

Healthy Continuity Requires us to Consider More.